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Mary Johnson is senior historian at Facing History.

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The Potential of Skype/Webinar Platforms in the Classroom

Posted by Mary Johnson on May 2, 2013

Recently, a class of graduate students at the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey visited me via Skype to discuss their reactions to Daniel Goldhagen's Worse than War and the accompanying documentary. They used the Facing History study guide, Genocide and Eliminationism, as a point of departure for their discussion. Since the session had the structure of the study guide and students had prepared papers on their reading of Worse than War, the class was incredibly interactive. I would remark on a passage in the book or a scene in the documentary and the students and professor (Dr. Carol Rittner) would respond. Then there were some free associations to the questions posed just as would happen face-to-face.

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Topics: Webinar, Professional Development, Antisemitism, Media Skills, Online Learning, Facing Technology

Digital Citizenship and Facing History

Posted by Mary Johnson on March 5, 2013

An important dialogue has started at Facing History about ways to use Facing History online tools to nurture civic behavior in the digital age. More and more our online tools are allowing for students to engage with one another all over the world. This has been especially important in trying out new resources such as Reporter, Bully and Freedom Riders, as well as Facing History online courses, have brought together international classrooms to share a common core of knowledge.

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Topics: Professional Development, Online Learning, Critical Thinking, Facing Technology

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