5 Tips for Speaking Across Difference Over the Holidays

Posted by Kaitlin Smith on December 18, 2020

As we delve deeper into the holiday season, many of us may find ourselves in the midst of contentious discussions. The events of 2020 have brought a host of challenging issues to the surface as we reach levels of political polarization not seen for decades. Irrespective of the many factors that got us here, one of the most important questions now is how do we have meaningful conversations in the midst of it? Especially in conversations with relatives and other loved onesconversations in which establishing bonds of familiarity and shared history is often not requiredwhat does it look like to reach across ideological chasms to engage in productive dialogue? Whether around the dinner table, in a place of worship, or over a virtual video chat, we need to hone these interpersonal skills if we are to move forward.

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Topics: Parents, difficult conversations, civil discourse

Learning Beyond the Classroom: Free Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Posted by Kaitlin Smith on April 28, 2020

As homeschooling families have long known, rich learning can and does happen beyond the walls of the classroom. And in these times of crisis, many families are being invited to dive into those waters head first and for the very first time. In addition to Facing History's new resource page for parents and caregivers, we invite you to check out these 6 free resources to keep your young person’s wheels turning:

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Topics: Parents, cross curricular teaching and learning, Caregivers

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