Making Sense of the Debate: 6 Resources

Cultivating Critical Consciousness in the Classroom

New Books on Latinx Life and History

5 Teacher Resources for Hispanic American Heritage Month

Why We're Polarized: A Review of Ezra Klein's Book

Teachers as Workers

Teacher Roundtable: Remote Instruction

History As Our Guide: Understanding What Divides, and What Connects

We, Too, are Tired

How Do We Talk About Issues that Matter?

Teacher Roundtable on Hybrid Instruction

Looking Back and Forward this Fall

Facing History Hosts Inaugural Teaching for Equity and Justice Summits

Women's Suffrage at 100: The Key Role of Black Sororities

Designing Schools for the New Normal: An Interview with Dr. Justin Reich

Centering Black Lives: A Reading List for All Ages

Trauma-Informed Teaching in Action: An Expert Interview

Facing History Hosts Bettina Love

What is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)?

Teaching to Transform: Dr. Karlos Hill on Educator-Activist Clara Luper

South Africans Respond to American Racism

What Should We Memorialize?

Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom

Race and Protest in Britain - A Young Person's Perspective

Teaching While Queer: One Teacher on Being Out in the Classroom


Reflecting on Juneteenth

Centering Queer History and Students in the Classroom: Insights from Eric Marcus

What it Takes to Be an Upstander

New Books on LGBTQIA+ History and Life

June is Pride Month

On George Floyd

Bearing Witness: The Death of George Floyd

Embracing APIA Histories and Students All Year Long

Centering APIA Students in the Classroom: An Expert Interview

George Takei on Standing Up to Racism, Then and Now

New Books on Asian and Pacific American History and Life

Upstanding as Antidote

"Reconstruction Never Ended": A Review of Eric Foner's Second Founding

Learning Beyond the Classroom: Free Resources for Parents and Caregivers

"Never Again" in Action: Armenians Remember Genocide

Earth Day in the Time of COVID-19

Honoring Survivor Testimony on Yom HaShoah: An Interview with Dr. Anna Ornstein

New Books on Genocide

April is Genocide Awareness Month

Who Will Write Our History?: An Interview with Roberta Grossman

Serving All Girls in the Classroom: An Interview with Arianne Thomas

Taking School Online: A Teacher Checklist

Disrupting Patriarchy in the Classroom with Carol Gilligan

Holocaust Education Amid Rising Antisemitism: An Interview with Leslie White

Ready or Nought, it’s Time to Face Race in the UK

New Books on Women's History and Movements

Teaching in the Light of Women's History

A Look Ahead at Women's History Month 2020

Complexities of Teaching Black History: An Educator Roundtable

Why Just Mercy Matters

6 New Books on Black History

Black Women's Agency in Harriet and Beyond

Democracy Disrupted: The 15th Amendment Turns 150

A Look Ahead at Black History Month

On the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz: Why the World Needs Upstanders

What Do We Remember on Holocaust Remembrance Day?

King's Life is a Demand

Civic Action Meets Civic Education in Colombia

4 Excellent Winter Reads

Halting Human Trafficking from Schoolhouse to State House: An Interview with Danny Papa

Responding to Contemporary Antisemitism in the Classroom

South Africans Reflect on the Rugby World Cup

Saying No to Hitler in A Hidden Life

Activist Jose Antonio Vargas Speaks to Facing History

The Problem with Celebrating Forgiveness

What's Wrong with Jojo Rabbit

Teaching Impeachment Amid Polarization

Countering Narratives of Hate in the UK

Dolores Huerta's Life of Indefatigable Resistance

Revisiting Mockingbird During Banned Books Week

Civic Education as Community Development: An Interview with Daniel Warner

Remembering Daisy Bates: Orator at the March on Washington

6 Classroom Design Hacks for Teachers

Building Empathy on International Youth Day

Remembering Toni Morrison

Teaching in the Wake of Violence

Red Summer 1919: Remembrance, Education, Action

Sometimes Empathy is Hard for Teachers

Gear Up for the First Week of School

How Facing History Stirs the Call to Teach: An Alumna Interview

Philosophy After Auschwitz: The Responsibility to Bear Witness

Reclaiming the Fourth of July with Frederick Douglass

Teaching LGBTQIA+ Students: Insights from Harvey Milk High School

Remembering Stonewall on the 50th Anniversary

History in Slow Motion

Brother Outsider: Remembering Gay Civil Rights Leader Bayard Rustin

Engage! (ing) Summer Reads

Acclaimed Educator Frank Stebbins on Facing History and Human Rights Education

It Takes a Village: The Success of Brown v. Board

Aliens in Their Own Land: The Incarceration of Japanese Americans

3 Resources for Teaching About Immigration

School (Re)Segregation 65 Years After Brown v. Board

What Does it Mean to Stand Up for Democracy?

Red Scarf Girl Today: An Interview with Ji-li Jiang

6 Resources That Look at the History and Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education

Ariel Burger on the Task of the Educator During Yom HaShoah and Beyond

On Yom HaShoah: Is "Never Again" a Question?

Interview with Rwandan Genocide Survivor Jacqueline Murekatete

How the Global Movement to End Genocide Redefined My Local Activism

Examining Nazi Environmentalism During Earth Week

Let Us Speak Again of the Armenians

Becoming an Activist for Yemen: An Alumna Profile

Srebrenica and Anti-Muslim Violence Today

Navigating Brexit with Facing History Teachers

Facing the Realities of Native American Women

Facing History President and CEO Weighs in on Hatred via WBUR

Help Your Students Reflect on the New Zealand Mosque Shootings

A Look Ahead at Women's History Month

Informed Choices for a Stronger Democracy

Teaching Black History with Malcolm X

Oscar-nominated Short Confronts American Antisemitism—Past and Present

Facing History and Finding Destiny in the South Bronx

Understanding the #TakeAKnee Controversy

Winter reading recommendations

The Importance of the Educated Voter

Talking to Students About Pittsburgh

Bringing Current Events Into the Classroom

The Importance of Holocaust Scholarship

International Spotlight: Here's What Facing History Looks Like in China

Charlottesville and the Meaning of Nationhood

Educating for Democracy Around the World

From Arkansas to Boston: Learning Across the Conservative/Liberal Divide

The Supreme Court Ruling on the Muslim Travel Ban Highlights a Complicated Past

STUDENT VOICES: "The Youth Movement Extends Beyond Gun Violence"

Dehumanization at the Border

Addressing the Real Challenges Refugee Students Face in the Classroom

Uncovered: Denmark's New Burqa Ban

Engaging Reads For Those Long Summer Days

10 Steps for Organizing a Whole-School Read In Your School Community

Taking a Knee and the Right To Protest in the NFL

Stonewall Was Important But Not Because it Was First

Go Behind the Scenes of This Year's Winning Student Essays!

Today’s News, Tomorrow’s History: Should the Voting Age be Lowered?

Forming Better Arguments to Build a Better Democracy

Advocating for Genocide Prevention: A Q&A With Mike Brand

Teaching To Kill a Mockingbird Through a New Lens After 35 Years

Confronting the Rise of Antisemitism in Germany

On Teacher Appreciation Day, I See Hope and Progress Thanks to You

How We Can Uphold a Free Press for a Strong Democracy

Today’s News, Tomorrow’s History: Citizenship and the US Census

Never Forget: How to Help Younger Generations Remember the Holocaust

How Mass Media Saved Thousands During the Armenian Genocide

How DACA is Affecting My Dreamer Students

3 Poetry Activities to Help Your Students Connect With History

Honor Moments of Resistance on Yom HaShoah

Let's Address Racism in the Workplace, Just Like We Do in Schools

Use Music to Study Genocide Through a New Lens

50 Years Later: A Reflection on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Legacy 

Today’s News, Tomorrow’s History: What Students Understand about Slavery

The Legacy of Linda Brown 

Use Historical Empathy to Help Students Process the World Today

How One Facing History Student is Embracing Student Activism

We're Here to Support Teachers As Students Make History After Parkland 

Empathy as Empowerment: Give Students the Chance to Think Like Leaders

Reflections on Student Activism After National Walkout Day

5 Writing Tips for This Year's Student Essay Contest

Share the Rich History of Student Activism in the Wake of Parkland

Student Activism: From the Civil Rights Movement to Parkland Today

Women Running in the US Midterm Elections is a Good Sign for Democracy

Here's Why You Should Address the #MeToo Movement with Your Students

Today’s News, Tomorrow’s History: The Future for Teachers with DACA

What Does it Mean to be American? 9 Quotes from Around the Country

After Parkland, This Play by Two Teachers is More Relevant than Ever

The Reichstag Fire: The Shift from Democracy to Dictatorship 

How a Jewish Civil Rights Activist Taught Me to Fight for All Rights

10 Calls to Action to Cultivate Education for Democracy

Poland's Holocaust Law is a Threat to Democracy. Here's Why.

When People Tell Me To Get Over Race, I Remember Elie Wiesel's Words

What Can We Learn From the Memphis Sanitation Strike 50 Years Later?

Today’s News, Tomorrow’s History: Protesting the Chinese National Anthem in Hong Kong

When Is Fake News Propaganda? 

Why Must We Remember the Holocaust? Because Democracy is Precious.

Northern Ireland and The Narrative of Fear in the Classroom

John B. King, Jr: In 2018, Let’s Recommit to Our Vital Role as Citizens

Why I Marched for Civil Rights at 15 with Martin Luther King, Jr.

Facing the Past in the Czech Republic

Need a New Year's Resolution? Practice More Empathy. Here's How.

Today’s News, Tomorrow’s History: The Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar

7 Books to Warm Up to This Winter

The Power of Memory and Art to Heal a Society After Genocide

80 Years Later, Nanjing Reminds Us of The Humanity We Need Today

How To Assess the Strength of a Democracy

Where Do We Go From Here?: A Q&A With Journalist Jelani Cobb

Use Tailored Learning Approaches To Show Students They Can Succeed

5 Tips for Civic Dialogue in an Online World

Tasting History: How to Teach Immigration to a Class of Immigrants

3 Reasons to Explore the Nanjing Atrocities 80 Years Later

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: 5 Great Tips for a Meaningful Interview

Democracy In Today's World: It's Your Responsibility

5 Resources to Examine Individual Choices During Kristallnacht

Understanding the Importance of the US Withdrawal From UNESCO

Teaching Empathy: It's More Than Fun and Games

Teaching Empathy: Closing the Political Divide One Letter at a Time

Breathe Life Into Your Lessons By Applying Elements of Storytelling

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