What I've Learned Along the Way

Holocaust Denial: How Teachers Can Turn the Tide

7 Classroom Resources on the Holocaust

Contracting and Re-Contracting in the New Year

Facing History on Martin Luther King Day: A message to our educators

9 Resources for Teaching about MLK's Legacy

bell hooks Taught Us to Transgress

January 6th

COP26, Environmental Justice, and Human Rights

Teaching about the January 6 Insurrection and its Impact on U.S. Democracy

6 New Books on Human Rights

African Americans and the History of "Human Rights"

13 Teaching Ideas on Human Rights

Teaching the History of Human Rights

More Than Monsters: The Deeper Significance of Wendigo Stories

20 Teacher Resources on Native American History and Culture

The Power of Native Language Revitalization

7 Must-See Films on Native American History and Life

4 Virtual Events to Learn + Celebrate Native American Heritage

5 Native-Led Podcasts for Media Literacy

Teaching Settler Colonialism: Lessons from Canada

5 New YA Books on Native American Lives

6 Indigenous-Led COP26 Events You Can Stream

5 New Books on Native American History, Life, and Resistance

Learning from GLSEN

A New Type of Media Literacy

The Problem of Archival Silences

5 Ways to Teach With Primary Sources

Combating Bullying with New Data

Latinx vs. Hispanic: A History of Terms

5 Reads for Teachers on LGBTQIA+ History

5 Virtual Events for Indigenous Peoples' Day

10 Must Watch Films on LGBTQIA+ History

Facing History From Day One: An Interview with New Haven Academy

Teaching Resources on Latinx History, Art, and Culture

Remembering Little Rock

5 New YA Books on Latinx Life

Disrupting the Legacies of Eugenics

5 New Books on Latinx History and Life

5 Teacher Resources for Hispanic American Heritage Month

Today is the #WeNeedBlackTeachers Day of Action

Remembering Rip Patton

6 Resources for Teaching About 9/11

Dr. Hasan Kwame Jeffries on Teaching Reconstruction

Exploring Multiple Visions for DEI Work: A Reading List

Haiti in Historical Context

Essential Teacher Habits for Driving Educational Equity

Recap: Digging Deeper at Facing History's Immigration Summit

Reflections on the Teaching for Equity and Justice Summit 2021

Teaching Coming-of-Age Literature

Back to School: Co-Create Your Space to Build Community

A Conversation with Dr. Kimberly Parker on Movements to Create More Readers

Embrace SEL and Trauma-Informed Teaching in 2021

Reflections on the State of Democracy in South Africa

10 Resources for Teaching Immigration

5 Summer Audiobooks for Teachers

6 Resources for Teaching Current Events

Dr. Gholdy Muhammad on Cultivating Genius

Growing Up Jewish in a Christian World

How Do We Pursue Equity in Education? By Learning, Unlearning, and Muddling Through

Trans Youth Transforming Schools and Beyond

Exploring Audre Lorde's Legacies

10 Resources for Teaching LGBTQIA+ History

Reads for Juneteenth

LGBTQIA+ Resources from Facing History

5 New YA Books with LGBTQIA+ Narrators

Responding to Contemporary Antisemitism in the Classroom

Teaching About Anti-Asian Violence: Start with Yourself and Your Community

5 New Books on LGBTQIA+ Histories and Life

Complicating "Asian Americans"

Remembering Grace Lee Boggs

5 YA Books on AAPI Life

Helen Zia on the Asian American Movement

11 Resources for Teaching About AAPI Experiences

Classroom Resources on AAPI History and Contemporary Life

5 New Books on API Experiences

The Afterdeath of the Holocaust: A Conversation with Dr. Lawrence L. Langer

Painting Resilience: Author Julia Mayer on Artist and Holocaust Survivor Fred Terna

Reflecting on Anti-Black Violence, Justice, and Accountability

Why Genocide Recognition Matters

9 Classroom Resources on Genocide

6 Tools for Teaching About Genocide

Reflections on Yom HaShoah

Combating the Erasure of API Experiences and Anti-API Violence

New Books on Genocide, Resistance, and Resilience

Educating for American Democracy

6 Virtual Exhibitions on Women Artists

Teaching in the Light of Women's History

9 Films on Women's History + History in the Making

Making Space for Women's History

6 Virtual Exhibitions and Teacher Resources for Women's History Month

6 Essays on Women's History

5 New Books on Women's History

9 Resources for Women's History Month

Making Black Lives Matter: A Retrospective

Teaching Black History All Year: Educators Speak

The Complexity of Black Agency in Judas and the Black Messiah

3 Teaching Ideas for Media Literacy Around Black Women and Girls

Afrofuturism and Black Joy

10 Black History Resources for Educators

11 Strategies for Remote and Hybrid Teaching

Fannie Lou Hamer: Unsung Woman of the Civil Rights Movement

5 New Books on Black History and Life

Gearing Up for Black History Month

Recommitting to Holocaust Education

Moving Forward, Looking Back: A Reading List

Inauguration Day 2021: A Turning Point for the Ages

Heeding King's Words: Reflections for MLK Day

Pulse Check: Classrooms Across America Respond


5 Tips for Speaking Across Difference Over the Holidays

Best of 2020

5 Remote-Friendly Teaching Strategies to Deepen Empathy

5 New Books on Human Rights

How One Lesbian Couple Defied the Nazis: An Interview with Dr. Jeffrey Jackson

Disrupting Public Memory: The Story of the National Day of Mourning

"This is Where Our People Are": Reflections on Plymouth 400

Read Isabel Wilkerson's Caste With Us

Exploring Race and Education with Dr. Eve Ewing

New Books on Native American History and Life

Black Women Educators' Roundtable on Teaching and Current Events

Navigating November 4th

Time to Boost Media Literacy

Racism is Not a Partisan Issue

Facing Nagorno-Karabakh: An Expert Interview

Facing Reality & Themselves

Dr. Carol Anderson on Racial Justice and Voting

Meet the FH Alum Challenging Barriers to Voting Through Tech

The Rising Threat of Cyberbullying Amid COVID-19

Young Poll Workers as Upstanders

The Long Struggle for Indigenous Peoples' Day

5 Ways to Ground Your Teaching in Equity and Justice

Pre-Election Reads

Reckoning With Our Past: The Legacy of Migration and Belonging in US History

Education Must Disrupt White Supremacy

Making Sense of the Debate: 6 Resources

Cultivating Critical Consciousness in the Classroom

New Books on Latinx Life and History

Why We're Polarized: A Review of Ezra Klein's Book

Teachers as Workers

Teacher Roundtable: Remote Instruction

History As Our Guide: Understanding What Divides, and What Connects

We, Too, are Tired

How Do We Talk About Issues that Matter?

Teacher Roundtable on Hybrid Instruction

Looking Back and Forward this Fall

Facing History Hosts Inaugural Teaching for Equity and Justice Summits

Women's Suffrage at 100: The Key Role of Black Sororities

Designing Schools for the New Normal: An Interview with Dr. Justin Reich

Centering Black Lives: A Reading List for All Ages

Trauma-Informed Teaching in Action: An Expert Interview

Facing History Hosts Bettina Love

What is Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)?

Teaching to Transform: Dr. Karlos Hill on Educator-Activist Clara Luper

South Africans Respond to American Racism

What Should We Memorialize?

Frederick Douglass: Prophet of Freedom

Race and Protest in Britain - A Young Person's Perspective

Teaching While Queer: One Teacher on Being Out in the Classroom


Reflecting on Juneteenth

Centering Queer History and Students in the Classroom: Insights from Eric Marcus

What it Takes to Be an Upstander

New Books on LGBTQIA+ History and Life

June is Pride Month

On George Floyd

Bearing Witness: The Death of George Floyd

Embracing AAPI Histories and Students All Year Long

Centering AAPI Students in the Classroom: An Expert Interview

George Takei on Standing Up to Racism, Then and Now

New Books on Asian and Pacific American History and Life

Upstanding as Antidote

"Reconstruction Never Ended": A Review of Eric Foner's Second Founding

Learning Beyond the Classroom: Free Resources for Parents and Caregivers

"Never Again" in Action: Armenians Remember Genocide

Earth Day in the Time of COVID-19

Honoring Survivor Testimony on Yom HaShoah: An Interview with Dr. Anna Ornstein

New Books on Genocide

April is Genocide Awareness Month

Who Will Write Our History?: An Interview with Roberta Grossman

Serving All Girls in the Classroom: An Interview with Arianne Thomas

Taking School Online: A Teacher Checklist

Disrupting Patriarchy in the Classroom with Carol Gilligan

Holocaust Education Amid Rising Antisemitism: An Interview with Leslie White

Ready or Nought, it’s Time to Face Race in the UK

New Books on Women's History and Movements

A Look Ahead at Women's History Month 2020

Complexities of Teaching Black History: An Educator Roundtable

Why Just Mercy Matters

6 New Books on Black History

Black Women's Agency in Harriet and Beyond

Democracy Disrupted: The 15th Amendment Turns 150

A Look Ahead at Black History Month

On the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz: Why the World Needs Upstanders

What Do We Remember on Holocaust Remembrance Day?

King's Life is a Demand

Civic Action Meets Civic Education in Colombia

4 Excellent Winter Reads

Halting Human Trafficking from Schoolhouse to State House: An Interview with Danny Papa

South Africans Reflect on the Rugby World Cup

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