What Is It Like When Your Child Comes Out?

Posted by Julia Rappaport on August 20, 2014

“I think my daughter is one of the most remarkable people I know. I would do anything in the world for her,” Facing History Cleveland office director Mark Swaim-Fox told the Cleveland Magazine blog last weekend, after participating in the 2014 Gay Games in her honor.

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Topics: Cleveland, Bullying and Ostracism, Choosing to Participate, Human Rights, Identity

Dangers of Indifference

Posted by Clare L. on July 31, 2014

In my senior year at Magnificat High School in Cleveland, I signed up to take a class on the Holocaust called “Dangers of Indifference.”

The class was unique in that three teachers taught it: a history teacher, an art teacher, and a religion teacher. Having these three perspectives helped me understand something I had not realized before – that hatred is not the largest problem we face, indifference is.

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Topics: Cleveland, Student Voices, Choosing to Participate, Identity, Facing History Together, Holocaust, History

What Happens To a School When One Student Shares His Story

Posted by Julia Rappaport on June 25, 2014

It was the personal stories from difficult moments in history that captured Skyler Edge’s attention in his 10th grade Facing History and Ourselves class at Facing History New Tech high school in Cleveland.

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Topics: Cleveland, Student Voices, Choosing to Participate, Human Behavior, Human Rights, Safe Schools, Identity

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