Learning Beyond the Classroom: Free Resources for Parents and Caregivers

Posted by Kaitlin Smith on April 28, 2020

Father and son enjoying school and work from homeAs homeschooling families have long known, rich learning can and does happen beyond the walls of the classroom. And in these times of crisis, many families are being invited to dive into those waters head first and for the very first time. In addition to Facing History's new resource page for parents and caregivers, we invite you to check out these 6 free resources to keep your young person’s wheels turning:

FHAO_HEX_3_TagFacing History and Ourselves helps move youngsters beyond mere intellectual understanding of history through a shared focus on intellectual reflection, emotional engagement, and ethical reflection. Use our historical case studies, teaching guides, worksheets, and more to engage your middle or high schooler in the work of learning and changing the world. Facing History has made all materials freely available without the need to log in to aid accessibility during school closures.

rosetta stoneLanguage learning platform Rosetta Stone is offering free access to Rosetta Stone for Students for three months. Whether students are English language learners or learning other languages, now is the perfect time to hone these skills—and travel without taking a step outside your door.

KhanAcademyAccess a virtual smorgasbord of learning modules on subjects spanning math, science, engineering, computing, and more. Khan Academy offers a particularly rich array of resources around standardized test preparation.

BlackbirdSchoolBlackbird School offers computer coding education for people ages 11 and up. They have made their innovative learning platform available on a pay-what-you-can basis during school closures.

YOGAed-logo-CMYKPhysical Education or “Phys Ed” class does not have to stop just because schools are closed. Yoga Ed. is offering free online yoga and mindfulness classes designed for all ages.


Audible Stories is now offering a wide selection of audiobooks perfect for children, teenagers, and families for free as long as schools are closed.

Facing History and Ourselves invites you to use our resource page, Parenting and Caregiving for Adolescents During the COVID-19 Pandemic. There we offer readings, videos, activities, and conversation starters to use as a family, as well as recommended articles for parents and caregivers.

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