Get to Know Facing History Teacher Leader, Ebony Davis

Posted by Stacey Perlman on January 14, 2016

Ebony Davis, a Facing History Teacher Leader and Facing History Leadership Academy member from Miami, Florida is highlighted on the Teacher Practice Network as part of the Center for the Future of Teaching and Learning at WestEd. She reflects on how Facing History has helped her grow as an educator:

Untitled.jpg“My confidence has grown both as a teacher leader and as a teacher through my work with Facing History and Ourselves. As a teacher, I am reenergized from participating in Facing History trainings and conferences as I learn Common Core-aligned strategies and a deeper understanding of the history units and resources developed by Facing History and Literacy Design Collaborative. I appreciate that I get to collaborate with other Facing History teachers to share practice and new ideas. All of Facing History’s rich content and pedagogical knowledge that I learn goes straight into my classroom, where I can teach my students powerful literacy strategies for reading complex historical texts. Equally important, I am fostering in my students a way to look at history through a lens of empathy.”

Read Ebony’s full story here.

The members of the Facing History Leadership Academy bring an in-depth understanding of Facing History’s pedagogy, combined with first-hand experience from the field and share their experience with other educators to support the mission of Facing History and Ourselves.

Facing History is also part of the Teacher Practice Network, which is designed to help teachers learn from each other, share expertise, and inspire change that makes instruction impactful for all students.  

How has being a Facing History teacher helped you grow as an educator?

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