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Aneira Roose-McClew is a Content Developer at Facing History UK. Aneira is responsible for creating new educational resources and for supporting programme delivery. Aneira has worked in education since 2010 when she began designing and delivering workshops in creative writing, journalism, and employability skills. Her other roles have included that of a secondary school English teacher, an examiner, and, most recently, an education consultant, where she has advised charities on content development and delivered teacher CPD. She has partnered with organisations such as Camden Summer University, the British Library, and VSO. Aneira is committed to creating dynamic classroom environments that prepare students to be active participants in the world beyond school. She has a BA in English Literature and Language from the University of Oxford.

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Countering Narratives of Hate in the UK

Posted by Aneira Roose-McClew on October 24, 2019

This past fortnight has seen an alarming number of antisemitic and racist incidents in the news: in Germany, two people were killed and many more terrorised in a mass shooting attempt that targetted a synagogue; in Bulgaria, football fans taunted players with racist chants and Nazi salutes; in Hertfordshire, a teacher allegedly “joked” about sending primary school pupils who failed to complete their work “to the gas chamber” (and then told them not to tell anyone); and in politics, another Labour politician resigned from the party citing the rise of antisemitism as the reason for her departure.

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Topics: United Kingdom, Antisemitism, Racism

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