How Do We Remember and Study Holocaust History?

Posted by Julia Rappaport on May 12, 2014

This week, Daniel and Deb from our Facing History Program Tech team, along with several other Facing History staff and board members, are traveling in Poland as part of a learning trip.

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Four Resources to Mark Holocaust Remembrance Day in Your Classroom

Posted by KC Kourtz on April 24, 2014

April 28 is Holocaust Remembrance Day, or Yom HaShoah. We have put together what we hope will be a useful collection of resources for you to share with your students as you observe this important day.

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The Sephardim in the Balkans

Posted by Andrew Buchanan on February 4, 2014

I have always been fascinated by the Balkan region of Southern Europe. Comprised of countries including Greece, Albania, Turkey, Romania, and more, and with people of countless religions and languages, the area is rarely studied in-depth in most high schools, and yet provides a rich cultural and historical case study. This year, with support from a Margot Stern Strom Innovation Grant, I set out to develop a multimedia, project-based learning tool for use in schools that explores the history of the Balkans and how this history helps us to understand European culture and identity today.

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Topics: Antisemitism, Greece, Innovative Classrooms, Holocaust Education

Digital Learning Day and Facing History

Posted by KC Kourtz on January 28, 2014

Digital Learning Day (February 5, 2014) is an annual day designated to highlight the effective use of technology to improve education for all students. Here at Facing History, and in this blog in particular, we are excited to be in conversation with educators about how technology amplifies, as well as complicates, our notions of identity, history, and community. To this end, we are proud to support educators every day in their thoughtful use of technology in the classroom, and Digital Learning Day is a perfect opportunity to highlight this work.

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Topics: Professional Development, Safe Schools, Civil Rights, EdTech, Holocaust Education, Webinars, Online Learning, Facing Technology

The Quenelle and Antisemitism: How Do You Stop Hate?

Posted by Adam Strom on January 8, 2014

How do you stop hate? Over the holidays the formally obscure French word "quenelle" was the third most searched term on Google. Previously known as the term for a particular kind of French dumpling, the quenelle is now more widely associated with a hateful gesture popularized by the antisemitic French comedian and sometimes politician Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala. France 24, a 24 hour news network sponsored by the French government, explains:

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Topics: Antisemitism, Holocaust Education

Three Video Resources for Human Rights Day

Posted by Julia Rappaport on December 9, 2013

Today is International Human Rights Day, marking the 65th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a document signed in the aftermath of World War II and the Holocaust.

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Topics: Choosing to Participate, Video, Civil Rights, Holocaust and Human Behavior, Universe of Obligation, Media Skills, Holocaust Education, Online Learning, Flipped Classroom, Facing Technology

9 New Videos to Help You Teach Holocaust History

Posted by Julia Rappaport on December 3, 2013

As part of Facing History’s revision of our Facing History: Holocaust and Human Behavior resources, we will be making new videos available to you for classroom use. Check out two new series today! Any of these clips would fit well in a flipped classroom exercise.

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Topics: Antisemitism, Video, Holocaust and Human Behavior, Media Skills, Holocaust Education, Flipped Classroom, Facing Technology

How To: Flipped Classroom Exercise for Teaching Holocaust & Rescue

Posted by KC Kourtz on November 22, 2013

There has been a great deal written recently about the value of a using a "flipped" classroom approach to teaching. (For context, see this helpful article on the New York Times Opinionator blog.) While the method is still too new for us to know the long-term impact on students and on our teaching practice, we do know one thing: the "flipped classroom" approach creates opportunities for personalized learning, helps teachers use classroom time more efficiently, and allows us to incorporate technology into homework as well as classroom exercises.

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Topics: Holocaust Education, Assessment, Flipped Classroom, Facing Technology

Nazi Art Discovered: Leading Classroom Discussions on the Role of Art in Nazi Germany

Posted by Julia Rappaport on November 15, 2013

Last week, news broke about the discovery of 1,500 pieces of artwork – art that Nazis had confiscated during World War II. Found in a Munich apartment, the paintings included works by artists Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, and Marc Chagall, among others.

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Topics: Art, Video, Holocaust and Human Behavior, Innovative Classrooms, Media Skills, Museum Studies, Holocaust Education, Online Learning, Restorative Justice, Flipped Classroom

IWitness and Technology in the Classroom

Posted by Michael Robinson on July 17, 2013

I was fortunate to be a teacher participant in Facing History's Digital Media Innovation Network (DMIN). The support and the ideas from DMIN have helped me transform my classroom teaching, and each year there are new and exciting materials and resources shared from DMIN that continually enhances my classroom teaching. This past year one of the new resources IWitness was an amazing web resource that I incorporated into my class. This resource allowed my students to view multiple short eye witness testimony from Holocaust survivors. This particular resource is one I plan on using for as long as I teach the Facing History course. I am always excited when I receive an email about another great resource being shared by DMIN. I look forward to when we can all meet again.

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Topics: Antisemitism, Holocaust Education, DMIN, Facing Technology

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